Focus Areas

Stemming from our inclination and focus on improving access to quality pharmaceutical products and services, we identified key interfacing sections of the industry that need strengthening to realize the grand vision. These serve as the pieces of the puzzle that need unravelling and so we focus on optimizing them collaboratively across the industry with the segment specific experts, resources & our internal capabilities.

Research & Development

Research & Development is the foundation for discovery of new medicines, innovative ideas & solutions to global health challenges. Anchored on this belief, we collaboratively work with and engage with innovators, scientists and research organizations to support research, development and innovations in the pharmaceutical industry. Areas of attention include research in herbal & complementary medicines, pharmaceutical system innovations, pharmacy based patient self-care solutions among others. Feel free to get in touch if this is within your interest areas.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Africa relies on Pharmaceutical imports to the tune of 70-90% which isn’t favorable in the dynamics to drive self-reliance and safeguard local supplies for the African people. On this account we work with industry players to champion for policy reforms, investment propositions and mobilize stakeholders towards a robust pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Africa. We look at the social, economic and political imperative of investing in pharmaceutical manufacturing in the continent. Reach out to us so that we walk this journey together.

Education & Training

The anchor to a strong and well-functioning pharmaceutical industry is its workforce. Acknowledging gaps in pharmaceutical industry workforce both in numbers and competencies, we collaborate with partners to develop market-fit, transformational training programs suited to equip the African pharmaceutical workforce with the skills, competencies and leadership predisposition to transform the industry. If you would like to work with us in designing a program or delivering one please get in touch.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical supply chain plays a key role in ensuring reliable access to medicines and healthcare products. In order to guarantee continued access to quality healthcare products and medicines, there’s need to invest in strengthening of pharmaceutical supply chains and ensure we realize our aspirations. On this account, we work to strengthen pharmaceutical supply chains through capacity building programs, innovation program designs and engagements in the industry.

Pharmaceutical Care

Access to healthcare services is not the basis of health systems but the quality of these services evidenced through positive treatment outcomes in patients. With the move to improve quality of care and patient outcomes, there’s a growing attention on patient-centered pharmaceutical care. As an organization, we’ve been strategic on optimizing pharmaceutical care delivery through innovative remodeling of pharmaceutical care centers to serve patient needs better. We work with community pharmacies, pharmaceutical systems strengthening partners, policy makers and financing partners to promote access to innovative solutions that improve healthcare outcomes for patients.

Regulatory Affairs

Introduction of safe, quality and efficacious life-saving medicines and healthcare products is dependent on a well-functioning regulatory system that weeds out counterfeits, substandard and falsified medicines. A strong regulatory systems should also be keen on ensuring introduction of products into markets where there’s need isn’t limited by regulatory bottlenecks. On this account, we collaborate with trade associations, national regulatory authorities, development partners, regional economic blocks and other stakeholders towards harmonization of regulatory frameworks in efforts to streamline regulatory processes in the continent. We are open to collaborations to create synergy and amplify our impact in optimizing regulatory systems.


Technological advances have brought convenience to be a key driver in human livelihoods. Healthcare have not been left behind with the adoption of digital solutions in research & development to prescribing and dispensing of medications. Africa’s digital landscape being nascent with varied capabilities and across the different countries, there’s need for locally contextualized and optimized technologies that make prescribing, dispensing and delivery of associated pharmaceutical services practical to patients in the continent. As an organization we will work collaboratively with think tanks, incubation hubs, policy makers, investors and industry players to design and enable the adoption of digital solutions to advance the e-pharmacy landscape in Africa.

Global Health Pharmacy

Pharmacy professionals including pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are the most accessible healthcare professionals globally especially those who run community pharmacies. With a growing awareness that global health is inclusive of local public health, pharmacy professionals who play a critical role in addressing healthcare needs of their local communities are well poised to drive the global health agenda. Pharmacy professionals are increasingly being recognized and engaged in public health activities as disease prevention and control programs, policy development, emergency preparedness, immunization programmes among others in developing countries. Unfortunately, this is not the trend in Africa with a substantial gap to leverage on these competencies and position pharmacists as key drivers of global health. Through our work, we are keen on collaborative engagement with training institutions to build competencies for pharmacists to contribute to global health, development partners & professional associations to drive advocacy for the role of pharmacists in global health, conduct research and support in global health pharmacy programs design with a focus on optimizing access to safe, quality medications that can save lives leveraging on their expertise as medicines experts.