African Pharmaceutical Network (APN) partners with Bloom Public Health to Bolster Pharmaceutical Systems Strengthening Interventions in Africa

African Pharmaceutical Network (APN), a Pan-African network of pharmaceutical industry professionals, stakeholders and organizations working to ensure reliable access to safe, effective and quality medicines for the African populace has entered into a partnership with Bloom Public Health. This partnership is geared towards leveraging on their capabilities to strengthen pharmaceutical systems in Africa through human capital development and policy shaping interventions.

Through this partnership, African Pharmaceutical Network (APN) envisions delivering grounded public health interventions in the continent supported by the longstanding experience of the Bloom Public Health team. The two organizations committed to co-create, facilitate and support initiatives for Africa’s pharmaceutical and public health workforce development; initiate and support pharmacy-based global health programs for improved access to lifesaving medicines in the continent and to foster mutually beneficial partnerships in line with the Africa CDC New Public Health Order galvanizing commitments across and for the continent.

As Africa continues to face challenges in providing accessible, cost effective, and high-quality healthcare products and services for all, there is an urgent need to tap into the ingenuity and experience of local players, and scale up action across the continent for a robust pharmaceutical ecosystem. The COVID-19 pandemic brought to the fore the need for resilient pharmaceutical systems led by indigents who understand the local landscapes and with a commitment to right the wrongs for a better future for humanity.


African Pharmaceutical Network (APN) is a network that brings together pharmacy professionals, stakeholders and organizations working in the African Pharmaceutical Sector for knowledge sharing, policy shaping and innovation nurturing partnerships towards a robust pharmaceutical sector anchored on; reliable access to safe, efficacious and affordable quality medicines and pharmaceuticals services for the African people.

Bloom Public Health is a think tank that convenes the most innovative African minds in public health, and forges global partnerships to design interventions that are tailored to the continent to bridge the gap in public health in Africa and create a continent where access and quality of care are affordable to all in a sustainable way.

Bloom Public Health’s mission is to provide the most trusted, timely, reliable, scalable, suitable and sustainable services in the areas of supply chain management, pharmaceutical quality systems, and policy for public health.

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